Postgrad Website Revamp

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OK, OK, I’m finally getting round to rewriting our postgrad web pages on the Careers Service website. It’s been more fun, and infinitely more flexible and quicker to use this blog, and Slideshare, and Twitter, and Netvibes to get online material to you, but I can’t ignore it any longer.

So, bearing in mind I’m going to be grappling with the restrictions of the University’s content management system, what burning questions would you like to see answered on the PG pages?

I’m currently planning:

  • an introductory page
  • a page for news and events (but it will have to be links only – don’t expect any feeds on that page, “the templates say no”, sheesh…)
  • a page for the online talks playlist
  • a section for Pathways

plus a main section which is about addressing the careers issues where postgrads commonly want help, something along the lines of “Help! I’m trying to …”

Which career?

  • Decide what career to go into
  • Get into academia
  • Find something which isn’t a standard 9-5/graduate/corporate job

Improve your job prospects

  • Make myself more employable
  • Get some work experience
  • Find an internship

Find a job

  • Find employers in “X” field
  • Find job ads
  • Find employers who want postgraduates
  • Make contact with employers
  • Find part-time work
  • Find jobs outside the UK
  • Find jobs in the UK for international postgraduates

Applying for (and getting) the job you want

  • Write a CV
  • Write a covering letter
  • Fill in an application form
  • Pass psychometric tests
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Prepare for giving a presentation at a job interview
  • Get through an assessment centre

Miscellaneous (need to think of where to put these)

  • Get some individual careers help
  • Figure out what to do when (timelines, priorities etc)

What have I missed out which you all want to know? Can’t guarantee to have it all written by the end of the summer, but I can add to it as the year progresses.

Rather than reproduce the whole of the rest of the careers service website with the word “postgraduate” replacing “student”, I’m planning write some text on each of the above, to put things into a postgraduate context, and point out useful Careers Service and external resources. I’ll give you a range of options for resources where possible, but not long lists of every link I can think of. Hopefully it’ll be a bit like this blog, but a bit more formal – and without the sarcasm or cartoons. In fact, if I get this right, I should be able to write blog posts which I can then link to (wayhay – two birds with one stone!).

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* Bit of an OMG moment when I saw that photo – I learnt to programme with this book! Thanks to luismedel @ flickr for reminding me of the pain.