Facebook For Postgraduates?

We’ve been debating whether to make more use of Facebook to keep our students in touch with careers, so I thought I’d ask the experts – you!

I’ve avoided Facebook so far, mainly because I don’t use it myself (I’ve just got a blindspot about it – and no friends, of course) and with twitter, this blog, the postgrad careers website (once it’s rewritten), and the monthly “all postgrad” careers e-mails we send, I’ve assumed I’ve got enough outlets to get careers news and information to you.

However, I know a lot (most?) of you use Facebook regularly, so would you find it useful to have a Facebook update whenever I publish a new blog post, or update twitter with news or vacancies?

We could set up a Facebook postgrad careers fan page, which you could “like” to get updates, or a closed Facebook postgrad careers group which you could join (though I can’t automatically send updates to a group, so that’s more of a faff from my point of view). Or, I could just carry on ignoring Facebook until Google+ takes over…

If you’ve got a view, just let me know in this poll.