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What’s this blog all about?
Want to keep up-to-date with the news?
Who am I?
Why am I writing this?
Got something you want to publicise to our postgrads?

What’s this blog all about ?

  • Pretty well does what the title says – it’s the chance to talk to University of Manchester postgraduates (or anyone else reading the blog) about things which could help their careers.
  • The main posts are displayed on the postgrad pages of our university careers service website (when our web-boyz get the RSS feed-thingy working again … at worst, there should be a link to it) and either add new information about postgraduate careers issues, or draw your attention to vacancies, events etc which may be of use to postgrads. Just occasionally I reserve the right to blog about stuff which isn’t really careers. Just ignore these posts if you’re not interested – I promise I’ll be back to careers in the next post.
  • Instant News Updates” are powered by Twitter and displayed in the side bar of the blog. When I hear of info which might be of use to you, I decide whether to “blog or tweet”. If it’s urgent, or I don’t have much more to say other than give you a nod and a link, or if I just don’t have time to blog that day, I’ll tweet the info. In particular, I’ve started using this for vacancies – I’m occasionally notified directly of vacancies with very short  deadlines aimed at postgrads, so keep your eyes peeled! To keep up to date, you can either follow me on Twitter (see below) or just read it on the blog.
  • Important note – links to vacancies and some of our events are likely to need you to log in as a University of Manchester student, graduate or postgraduate to view them (sorry to anyone not in these categories). If you’re one of our alumni, you can still get access to this info by signing up for a careers account.
  • This is not an official University of Manchester blog, and all views expressed here are my own (though I’m pretty uncontroversial and “on message” so don’t expect anything too juicy here…)

Want to keep up to date with the news?

  • The great thing about blogs is that you can get any new items to come to you, rather than you having to visit the blog.
  • For those of you who know about feeds, I’ve got a Feedburner feed (should cope with RSS, Atom or any other flavour) or you can just use the WordPress automatic feed.
  • If you don’t know about feeds, I’ve got a separate Postgrad Careers Netvibes website with weblinks and videos which I use for training, including a page on “how to use feeds”. If you set up your own homepage with all your feeds on (I use iGoogle to keep up with stuff) it will really save you time on-line – and as postgrads, that’s critical.
  • For those of you who really can’t be doing with all this feed stuff, you’re very welcome to subscribe by e-mail. An automatic e-mail will be sent to you whenever I publish a new blog post.
  • Instant News Updates – even if you set up a feed of the main blog or subscribe by e-mail, you won’t get these included, so if you want the up-to-the-minute news, you’ll need to either visit the blog regularly, or follow me on Twitter. That’s the ManPGCareers professional me, not the real me, so don’t worry that you’ll be hearing about my thrilling personal life (what I’m watching on telly, comments to friends etc.)
  • Note: If you want to take a feed of just the careers posts, you can use the RSS feed I’ve set up specially for this – my “webfeed”. This excludes any off-topic posts, or anything where I’m not sure that I’d want it on our official website.
    If you’re from Manchester University and you want to display a feed (eg. for postgrads in your School), the webfeed is probably the one to use.
    If you’re not from Manchester University and want to display a feed, you’re welcome to do so as long as it’s credited to us, not used for profit, not linked to dodgy websites etc.

Who am I ?

  • I’m Elizabeth Wilkinson and I work for The University of Manchester in the “Manchester Leadership Programme, Careers and Employability Division” (ie the Careers Service) as Head of Postgraduate Career Development.
  • I look after our strategy for supporting postgraduate careers – keeping my colleagues up to speed with all things postgraduate and making sure we all realise that “postgrads are not scary” (well, some of you are, but most of you are delightful to work with).
  • In  a former life, I used to be
    • a “chemistry-with-maths” graduate.
    • a software engineer (grungeing around writing communications control software in assembler code in the dark ages of microprocessor control software).
    • a graduate recruitment manager (recruiting other unsuspecting new grads to write all that machine code that bored me senseless).
    • a Personnel Manager in the hi-tech polymer industry.
    • a Production Manager (in charge of a manufacturing unit, making high performance cables).
    • and finally, jumped from the corporate ship and re-invented myself as a careers consultant at this university – finally found the job I could do till I retire (or get kicked out).

Why am I writing this?

  • Because this is a quick and easy way to get careers information to our postgraduates.
  • Because I can get your feedback without having to worry about “inappropriate content” appearing on our official University of Manchester careers website
  • Because in spite of the fact that writing code makes me lose the will to live, I love using new technology, and now we’ve reached the point where anyone can get stuff on the web without having to understand how it gets there, the time is right.

Got something you want to publicise to our postgrads?

  • Vacancies – naturally we’re delighted to publicise these for you, for free (see also our vacancy advertising policy and services we can offer to recruitment agencies). To get the best coverage, please fill in our easy to use on-line form. This will get your vacancy listed on our Careers Service vacancy pages, will be searchable on-line by all our students and graduates, and once accepted, will be automatically e-mailed out to all students and graduates who have asked to be notified of vacancies of that type. If you’d also like me to specifically mention it in a post, drop me a comment on the Feedback page, and I’ll be able to write a couple of lines about it and link directly to it on our on-line vacancy pages.
  • Other events or news for postgrads – again, very keen to help. I’m not planning to “cut and paste” screeds of advertising blurb directly into the blog, so if there’s a link to your own information that would be the most useful way to get your message across. Otherwise, I might not be able to do justice to your news/event in a couple of lines and the odd tongue in cheek aside. Again, just drop me a comment using the Feedback page on this blog