And Now, The End Is Near …

… but only of this particular incarnation of the blog. Today, we’re launching our new University of Manchester Careers Blog, combining the Postgraduate, Graduate, Undergraduate, International and Media blogs. All of these will continue to be updated as before, but now they’ll all be in the same place, with one, easier-to-remember, url:

Each of the old blogs now has its own category on the new blog, so you can filter the content and just get the postgrad posts if you’d prefer (though I’d definitely recommend some of the other posts as well).

So far, I’ve written four posts which you can read on the new postgrad pages, including one with a TED talk which made my head explode with its implications. Any long-term readers, though, may spot that one of them is a recycled version of a post which is on here. I may do a bit more of that, given the natural turnover of postgrads, and the archive of still relevant material on this blog, which readers won’t see if they only read the new blog. However, I’ll make sure most of the content on the new blog is fresh – it’ll be boring for all of us old lags otherwise!

I’ll try and sort out the Feedburner feed and e-mail subscriptions as soon as possible. The new blog allows you to take a direct feed of either each of the categories or all of the posts. However, at the moment, you can only get all the posts emailed to you, so I’ll stick with Feedburner, at least for email for the moment.

Please bear with me in case there’s a slight delay in transferring feeds/emails. I foolishly decided to create this new one-blog-to-rule-them-all just before our busiest time of year – but that’s how I started this blog, and look where it got us, 5 years and almost a quarter of a million page views later.

So, the blog is dead – long live the blog!