How To Get That Postdoc

It can be done! Great post from Karl Collins, one of our chemistry PhDs (congrats on getting through the viva) who is off to Germany for the postdoc he really wanted – here’s how he did it and some tips he picked up along the way.

A Retrosynthetic Life

Following a quick twitter exchange with @Nic_Derbyshire, I sent her an email about how I went about my postdoc application.  I thought it would be useful to share my experience, and I have thrown in advice I have received from a plethora of sources as well.   It seems quite a fitting time to post this considering the current discussions about the future of synthetic chemists at In the Pipeline and ChemJobber.  I think the advice here is applicable to applications for postdocs in all scientific disciplines, but take care with respect to industrial job applications – these could have very different requirements and the application process can vary widely.

This is based on my limited experience, that of friends and colleagues, watching my boss go through the process, and advice from academics, postdocs, ex-postdocs and the like.  Please fell free to add any of your own experiences in…

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    • Great post isn’t it? I can’t take any credit for it though! Like the look of your new University of Bristol Careers blog. As ours have been going for a while now, and we’ve got several active blogs targeted at different groups, we’re looking at shaking it all up a bit. Watch this space – hopefully before the new term starts!


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