Want To Study In The USA?

If you’re thinking of further postgraduate study in the USA, the US-UK Fulbright Commission provides information and a number of scholarships to help you make it happen.

You need to plan well in advance if you want to study in the USA, so if you haven’t already started the process, you’re probably looking at starting a programme in 2013-4 rather than later this year.

  • US Grad School Day – this annual information day in London gives you an insight into US university postgraduate admissions process. This year it’s on 6th March (6-9pm), and registration is now open. If you can’t attend (it’s a bit outside the GMPTE bus routes…) you can register with them and looks like they’re investigating running a webinar, so you might still be able to get the information on offer at the Grad School Day.
  • UK Fulbright Awards – if you’re a UK citizen, Fulbright offer around 30 postgraduate scholarships a year. There have been changes to the process and timeline this year, so even if you’ve investigated these before, don’t rely on out of date information. Applications open on 1st August and close on 15th November, for 2013-14 entry.
  • Fulbright Awards for other countries – the Fulbright awards are administered on a country by country basis. You must apply through your home country process (assuming it exists, though the list does seem very extensive) and the awards and schemes vary widely between countries. The Fulbright international website gives links to each country programme for further details.