Mentoring Programmes – New For 2012

The new Manchester Gold mentoring programme for 2011/12 has now been launched. There are some changes this year, so even if you’ve read about it before, it might be time to have another look.

What is it?
The chance to get information, advice and guidance to help your future career from someone who has “inside information” about the career area you’re aiming for, or who graduated from a similar course to you.

We have two programmes this year:

  • Manchester Gold Mentoring – a one-to-one matched mentoring programme, lasting 9 months, and taking place through face-to-face meetings, telephone/skype conversations or e-mail.
  • Manchester Gold Online Q&A – a new programme available from March next year, where you will be able to e-mail mentors with one-off specific questions.

Manchester Gold Mentoring
This is a very competitive programme, and demands commitment on your part to drive the mentoring relationship, to ensure you get the most out of the programme.

  • Timing: Applications are now open, and close on Friday 13th January, 2012. If you are selected, you will be informed by 6th February, and must attend an induction workshop during the week of 21st Feb. The mentoring takes place between March and October 2012 – you must be available to commit your time to the programme during this period (around 20 hours will be needed), if you want your application to be considered.
  • How to apply: You apply through your CareersLink account(all University of Manchester students have access to this). Just use your university login to enter CareersLink, then find the “opt-in” section for Manchester Gold mentoring by looking at My Account -> My Profile -> the Miscellaneous tab (see the picture below – click on it for a larger view).
    In order to give yourself the best chance, you must also fill in as much detail as you can on the rest of your profile – details of your previous education, any work experience, additional information such as interests or volunteer work could all add to your chances of being chosen.

More information on the programme is here.

Manchester Gold Online Q&A
This is a new programme, a sort of “Manchester Gold Lite”. It will be available from March 2012, and will give you the chance to e-mail a specific question to a mentor on our database (more information here).

There will be a limit to the number of questions you can e-mail each month, and each mentor will be able to limit the number of e-mails they receive – it will be first come, first served. You won’t get the direct e-mail of the mentors on the database, as it will all be managed through CareersLink.

I’ll post more details as we’re about to go live next year, but I’m excited about this prospect.

As a postgrad, could you be a mentor?
I know that many of our postgrads have fantastic work experience prior to taking up postgraduate study here, and we’d love it if you were prepared to act as a mentor. You don’t have to be currently working in a particular sector or for a specific organisation in order to be able to offer valuable advice. Even if it’s a job or work area you were quite happy to leave, your insights (as long as they’re not too jaded) could give a useful reality check to a current undergraduate or postgraduate.

If you feel you could offer this kind of support, either for our Manchester Gold Mentoring Programme or our Manchester Gold Online Q&A, please do have a look at our information for mentors, and consider registering to provide support to your fellow students.