Resources For Bioscience Careers

If you’re a bioscientist, thinking about your future, I can recommend the new “Bioscience Careers” blog from Sarah Blackford, Head of Education & Public Affairs at the Society for Experimental Biology, at

Sarah is a bioscientist herself who has been supporting bioscience careers for many years, including attending our autumn Engineering, Science and Technology Fairs. She’s been telling me for as long as this blog has been in existence that she was going to set one up herself, so she’s finally done it, and unsurprisingly, it’s great.

So far, she’s covered CVs outside the UK, career alternatives, networking at conferences and science media training workshops, along with pages of resources for postgrads, postdocs and undergrads.

Bioscience careers on video
Another excellent resource which has been around even longer than our postgrad blog is “Careers After Biological Sciences” at (confusing, I know, but this one was there first).

Dr Chris Willmott at the University of Leicester has compiled an extensive archive of videos and slideshows of bioscience graduates and postgraduates talking about their careers. Careers include dietician, embryologist, ecologist (title of talk: Name that Newt), cosmetic formulation, science journalism, the police and more.

It’s updated sporadically, coinciding with new videos from their careers events, but definitely worth delving into the archives when you’re looking for inspiration or want to hear what a real bioscientist thinks of your latest career idea.

And for any of our Faculty of Life Sciences final year PhDs wanting more help with their careers, I’ll see you at your final year workshop on 12th and 13th January!