New Look For The Blog?

I’ve been hankering after a new look for this blog for some time. Every so often, I try out the new themes which come out of WordPress – and I think I’ve finally found one I like.

If you read this blog through a feed, this post won’t mean anything to you (and even if you visit the site directly, you probably could care less what it looks like…) but I have to look at it everyday, so here’s my proposed new look:

If you click on the image, it takes you to a test site of old posts which I use when I want to play around with new features or themes.

The things I like about the new theme are:

  • It’s still a nice clear (sans serif) font – well, it matters to me!
  • Better presentation of the twitter feed – the tweets don’t all blur together.
  • You can cycle through the images at the top, which link to a selection of older posts which are still relevant – makes it easier to give you a choice of topics to read, depending on your interests.
  • It looks different – frankly, four years wearing the same old frock gets a bit boring!

Feel free to have a play with the test site – just remember, it’s only a mock-up using old content and I haven’t replicated all the sidebars etc. However, if you’ve got any comments, either leave them here or on the test site. If there are no big objections, expect a new look soon.