Academic Careers

I’ve just done a talk on academic careers, but unlike the other postgrad talks, I won’t be able to put it online. That’s because it included lots of video of academics talking about their work, and Slideshare can’t show video clips within talks.

However, don’t worry if you couldn’t make the talk, because our website, “An Academic Career“, includes all the videos and all the information I covered, and much more.

If you’re thinking about an academic career, I’d start at “Is an academic career for you?”, either for Masters, for PhDs or for post-docs (depending on where you are in your academic career).

It’s meant to be challenging and give you a realistic picture of academia, but rather than just put you off, it aims to encourage you to take actions which will make it more likely that you are the one who ends up as a Professor.

There’s lots of stuff about how you become an academic (it’s different depending on which discipline you’re in), what academics really do and the skills they need (it’s not just about research, though that’s fundamental to most academics), links to information about academic career paths in different countries, the challenges of life after a PhD (the dreaded “fixed-term contracts”), and how to assess your chances.

Beyond that, there’s also information on finding jobs (you’re most likely to hear about academic jobs through contacts, rather than relying on adverts), applying for jobs and interviews.

We’ve been really pleased at how well this website has been received. In particular, we’ve been shortlisted for

There’s very tough competition this year (we’re tipping our friends at the ASHPIT project at Nottingham as hot contenders to win) but keep your fingers crossed on Thursday 24th November.

Sometime after 10pm, you’ll either get a forlorn “Oh well, it’s the taking part which counts” tweet, or a rather more incoherent, but happy, stream of tweets…