Fed Up Of All This Corporate Careers Stuff?

The new academic year brings dozens of big corporate employers to Manchester, all vying to grab the attention of “the talent” (yes, that’s you).

However, this means that all the other employers and career options can get drowned out, as the big players with the big budgets blitz the campus, but contrary to popular opinion, the Careers Service does really care about those of you who want to work

  • in the not-for-profit, public or creative sectors
  • for small fast-moving organisations or for yourself
  • in academia

or any other non-standard corporate career.

Need convincing? Well, many of us in the Careers Service have corporate, managerial or private sector backgrounds – but guess where we’ve all chosen to work now? (That’s called really putting your money where your mouth is…)

So, here’s advance warning of some of the non-corporate events in the pipeline:

  • Careers in International Development – 7th March (afternoon)
  • Careers in the Environmental Sector – 14th March (afternoon)
  • Insight into Broadcast and Journalism – 2 day intensive programme (modest cost for catering, consumables, external tutors etc)

NB. These three events are all information events, not jobs fairs. In general, employers in these sectors won’t attend jobs fairs, so you need to get this sort of inside information at events like this to enhance your direct applications.

If you don’t want to work for a big corporate, but fancy starting one up yourself, have a look at the new Entrepreneur First programme:

Public sector jobs are at a premium this year, so don’t miss out on the NHS:

  • NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme has vacancies in General Management, HR, Finance and Health Informatics. Officially closes 9th December, but get in early to get the chance of a place. No sign yet of the Scientist Training Programme, but rumour has it that it may open in December, so watch out for that.

Finally, if you want to know where to get started in careers in Teaching, Marketing Advertising &PR, Media & Publishing or Charities & the Public Sector, we’ve got some informal one hour group sessions coming up at the Careers Service where you can get further info and ask lots of questions – full details here.