Postgrads’ Views Count!

Have you heard about the University of Manchester Student Barometer Survey? You know, the one you’ve probably been e-mailed about, telling you that if you fill it in, you can “enhance the teaching you receive, identify where better facilities are needed, better prepare you for your future career” and so on…

And you’ve thought, yet another survey – I’m all surveyed out.

Well this one’s serious.

Look, it’s got Nancy Rothwell’s face beaming out from it,

and Letty Newton, General Secretary of the Students’ Union – and they don’t put their names to any old thing.

(plus there’s Amazon vouchers up for grabs…)

If you want postgraduates to have their voice heard and have their say in how this university treats all of its students, think about

  • whether you could do with better facilities for your research (a phone – or a desk, anyone?)
  • how you felt when you arrived here from somewhere else in the world, late at night, in the rain – could we have done more to make you feel at home?
  • what you need to make your career dreams come true – you’ve got the Careers Service postgrad careers blog, twitter, website, slidecasts and all our events & services – but what else do you need from us, your School, or the university as a whole?

If you don’t have your say, the concern I have is that the university will be driven by the undergraduate agenda – and you don’t want that, do you?

So go on, press the big red button to fill in the survey now