The Job Market For PhDs – New Slidecast

For those who didn’t catch my face-to-face talk on” Finding a job for PhDs”, here’s the slidecast (slides plus audio) for the section on “The Job Market for PhDs”.

Slides 3-7 cover where PhDs go for 5 broad discipline groups. For this section, unless you’re really keen on labour market info, I’d just skip to the slide which covers the discipline you’re in:

  • Slide 3 – Biomedical sciences (includes clinical psychologists, clinicians doing doctoral research etc, plus some bench scientists)
  • Slide 4 – Biological sciences (most lab scientists in life science)
  • Slide 5 – Physical sciences and engineering
  • Slide 6 – Arts and humanities (excluding social sciences)
  • Slide 7 – Social sciences

I’ve repeated the description of what the graph covers for each discipline, so you don’t need to wade through all the discipline slides.

I’m hoping to get chance to edit the final section of my original talk (How to find jobs for postgraduates) and upload it tomorrow (fingers crossed!)