Graduate Fairs – Is There Any Point Attending?

So many postgraduates attend graduate recruitment fairs but come away disappointed, having got nothing out of them – should you bother attending?

I started trying to write my annual “how to get the most out of the fairs” post – and got frustrated. I know when I talk to postgrads, they seem to “get it” but the blog posts on the topic don’t seem to work, so … time for a different approach.

One webcam, a new YouTube account, and some rudimentary editing in my office on a Friday afternoon, and here’s my first self-produced YouTube video on

  • Should postgraduates bother to go to the graduate fairs?
  • If you do go, what should you ask?

Here goes:

Let me know whether it’s worth doing any more “talking head” videos for the blog. I’ll only do it occasionally, but for some topics, I think it might work better than a long written post.

And if you don’t want to watch videos, but do want to know about graduate fairs, have a look at this post I wrote a couple of years ago, which is still relevant (apart from the fair dates have all changed of course!)


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    • Thanks Karenne – that feedback’s much appreciated! I like the idea of occasionally just “telling it like it is” – easier and more effective than writing a post (now I’ve got over seeing myself on video).

      BTW Love your blog – you definitiely look like someone whose brains I might want to pick in future, reagarding use of technology in education


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