Strategy Consulting for PhDs – Boston Consulting Group Presentation

Just in:
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are coming to Manchester to talk to PhDs and post-doctoral researchers about life as a strategy consultant and how to apply.

It’s only just been confirmed (in the last hour) – but it’s next week (strategy consultants are expected to be flexible and quick to respond!).

  • Date: Wednesday, 12th October
  • Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Location: The Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester (Stanley Suite)

You must register beforehand to get the chance to attend (see link below).

NB. You do need to be doing a PhD, or have completed one, to be considered for this event – it won’t cover other entry levels to BCG (not suitable for undergrad/Masters/MBA).

It will go on CareersLink in the very near future, but until that’s live, here’s what BCG have to say about the event:

Have you ever wondered what life outside academia looks like? How you could apply your intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills to make valuable contributions to the business world? How to keep expanding your knowledge, enhancing your skills, and advancing your career in a way and at a pace unmatched by most other companies?

Join us on Wednesday, 12th October to discover the answer to these questions, learn more about The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and meet several BCG Advanced Degree holders.

This presentation and workshop is specifically aimed at PhD students and post-doctoral candidates who are interested in pursuing a career with BCG.

During this event, we will talk about the firm and discuss opportunities in our global offices. In addition, there will also be a workshop where we will offer some tips and advice on writing a successful CV and discuss what to expect during a typical consulting “case study” interview and how to prepare. This will then be followed by an open Q&A session.

To attend the presentation, please register your interest via the link by the evening of Monday, 10th October.

Please note that space is limited.

If you are unable to attend but are still interested in a career in one of our global offices, or if you have any questions about this event, please contact us via email at

For general information about BCG and the work we do, we would encourage you to visit


8 comments on “Strategy Consulting for PhDs – Boston Consulting Group Presentation

    • Hi Steve J

      They haven’t specified a dress code but from what I remember of their last visit, they were “smart casual” themselves – though with the emphasis on smart! To be honest, I’d play safe and show that you scrub up well and can wear a suit – shows they could put you in front of clients. However, I will ask and let you know what they say.


    • Hi Andrey

      I understand that you should get a reply. However, from your e-mail address, I’m guessing you’re on an MBA programme rather than a PhD.

      BCG have specified that this presentation is just for PhDs, not MBAs, MScs or undergraduates. There are different entry points for each of these levels of qualifications and only information relevant to PhDs will be covered in the presentation.

      Therefore, you’re likely to get a reply directing you to relevant resources for MBAs rather than an invitation to the presentation.

      Sorry if that’s disappointing but your MBA careers service arrange lots of events, just for our lovely MBAs – it’s only fair that our PhDs get their chance as well!


      • Hi Elizabeth,
        thanks for clarification.
        I have mentioned in my mail that I already have PhD, but, if it’s not relevant, I’ll try another ways to contact BCG.

        Best regards,

      • Gosh that’s impressive! Not sure what category you’d come under for BCG, though the PhD entry point is probably not what you’d want. I think that assumes you don’t have the knowledge you’re gaining on your MBA. I’d be guided by BCG – they have said they’ll reply to all those who register.


  1. Hi there, is there anyway to have confirmation regarding the registration? I am a PhD holder and have not yet heard anything from BCG after I did the online regustration.

    • Hi Tommy S

      Sorry I’ve just picked this up (loads of talks and careers appointments at the moment). I hope you did get the confirmation you needed, but if not and you’re reading this in time, and you’ve got a PhD, you might want to wander over there anyway … (nothing wrong with being a bit cheeky with your career!)


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