“Worliday”, anyone?

When you go on holiday, do you take your work with you, even just a bit? If so, apparently you’re having a “worliday”, a term coined by Lucy Kellaway, the author of an interesting article on the BBC News business pages.  (To be honest, I really hope that term doesn’t catch on!)

Taking work with us wherever we go has become easier and easier with the use of mobile technologies, but it’s not just a technological phenomenon. Kellaway argues that as more of us are in jobs where there are no fixed hours, there’s less of a divide between work time and relaxation time – the media is one sector where this is common, but another obvious one is working as an academic. In fact, for some, relaxation is easier if you can do small bursts of interesting “work” when you’re “on holiday”.

Academics have always done this. I suspect that for many, relaxation is the luxury of being able to think about research without the intrusion of admin, teaching or other non-research duties. This may be the source of some of the tension between academics and university administrators, who generally work fixed hours and when they’re off, they’re off!

Talking of which …
I’m currently having a bit of a worliday myself, as I’m blogging (and dealing with e-mails) while I’m on annual leave. However, as of tomorrow, I’m going for the full-on, forget about careers, postgrads and the tyranny of e-mail – and I’m outta here! Don’t expect any blog posts or @ManPGCareer tweets until after the 7th September, when I’m back.

However, you may see some changes to the Postgrad pages of the Careers Service website. I’ve been beavering away writing text, which is currently being spruced up by my excellent editor, Helen Rossiter. If she can make something of it, it may go live in the next couple of weeks. There are still lots of unwritten sections, so I’ll leave it up to Helen to decide how to deal with links which are “coming soon”, but I reckon even the basics which are complete are better than what’s on there at the moment.

So, see you in September, possibly lopin’ round campus wearing a stetson (‘cos stetsons are cool…). Yee hah!