Companies Based in the North West

If you want to stay around the North West when you graduate (and I know a lot of our postgrads do), it’s easy enough to find companies with a presence here – just look in the phone book.

However, if you want to weed out the “one man/woman and his/her dog/cat” (choose your own cliche) operations and focus on those where the decision making power lies in the North West, you need companies which are headquartered here or have “a significant controlling head office presence”.

And would I be blogging about this if I didn’t happen to have just such a list, tucked under my virtual arm? Exactly.

So, in a big Liverpool/Manchester love-in, the Liverpool Daily Post and the Manchester Evening News have got together with MBA students from the University of Liverpool Management School and produced “The North West Top 200”, both in print form and online (it’s also available in “magazine view” where you flip over the pages – can’t stand that format myself).

It focuses on companies which have at least some of their executive board members based in the region, so whilst some of them are headquartered elsewhere in the world, you know that at least some of the major decision making is taking place within reach of Manchester.

The list of companies starts on page 32, but there’s lots of interesting editorial to give you a flavour of the state of business in the region. One warning though – things move fast, so unfortunately, it looks like you can ignore companies like T J Hughes (in at 78 – but not for much longer). Read the current financial press to make sure your carefully crafted speculative CV doesn’t arrive at a company just as they’re sending round redundancy notices…

There are all sorts of “pockets of power” around the region, for example with Chester being strong in financial services and the industrial estates of Warrington hosting a surprisingly large number of HQs (17, in comparison to 18 for Liverpool and 22 for Manchester).

So, what you all want to know is, which high tech thrusting industry or business service is at number one in the region, burying forever that northern stereotype of heavy industry and hard toil?

1. Done Brothers – owners of the BetFred brand and now the Tote

Ah well, those cloth caps and whippets jokes aren’t going away any day soon…