Pathways Round-Up

Pathways 2011 has now disappeared off into the sunset. Here are a few snippets picked up over the three days:

Panellist Popularity Contest
One of our panellists travelled by train to Pathways – and realised the person sitting next to him was flicking through the list of panellists, putting a star next to the ones he wanted to see. Our panellist was a bit crest-fallen (but amused) to find he only rated a “?” …

Happy ending: Our panellist was telling this story after the final panel of the day, when someone tapped him on the shoulder and pointed out that he was the one who had marked him as a “?” – but he’d stayed to listen to our panellist after all.

Lucky Breaks
If you put together all the tales I heard of “lucky breaks” in the careers of our panellists, you’d wonder if anyone ever got a job by the standard “applied to an advert” route.

We can’t train you to be in the right place at the right time. However, we can tell you, over and over, that the more you

  • do go to the social evenings at conferences
  • turn up to employer events in your department
  • volunteer your time for something you really enjoy

the more chance there is that a social conversation could turn, imperceptibly, into an interview, with a job offer to follow, no advert involved. Our panellists were there to give you real life evidence of all the above to inspire you.

PhD Zone recruiters aimed high
With almost 800 people attending our PhD Zone (the vast majority being PhDs and not just undergrads who took a wrong turning), there was plenty of talent on offer.

However, one recruiter, Complete Group Medical Ltd, aimed for the top and suggested to Vice Chancellor Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell that she had a future in medical writing. I overheard them telling her “you’d be really good”. Sorry guys, she’s taken!

Here’s a taste of who was there – see if you can spot yourself.

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