Last Fairs Until Autumn

Wednesday 15th June and Thursday 16th June are our last big Graduate Recruitment Fairs in Manchester until October.

NB. There are different employers coming to each day so check out who you want to see before you set off.

Reasons for going to this fair

a) Get in early
The trend in recruitment over the last year or so has been to open graduate schemes early – some of them now open in the summer rather than in the Autumn – and to close them well before any stated deadline.

Therefore, I’d suggest that even if you won’t want a job until next year, you seriously consider coming along to talk to potential employers now. If they are planning to open their vacancies very early, then you’ll be able to get your application in before most other applicants have even started to browse the employers websites. (And remember, some major employers start to recruit graduates a year before they expect you to start work. Miss out on that autumn recruitment round and the next vacancies they have may not start until 2013!)

b) Gather information to stand out
In this tight job market you need to do everything you can to stand out. Talking to employers or the recent graduates they bring along to the fairs is a great way to gather information about what it’s like to work for them, what they look for, how they treat their new employees, what the recruitment process is and lots more to help you figure out if they are the right employer for you, and to target your application.

If you think that talking to a recent graduate or someone who can’t tell you about the specific technical jobs you want is a waste of time, have a look at the post I wrote for the autumn fairs.

c) Our once-a-year PhD employer fair
As well as over 160 graduate employers, we also have a PhD Career Zone on Wednesday (that’s Day 3 of the Pathways careers event for researchers). We’ll have 15 stands with employers who can talk to you about how PhDs are viewed by employers and how to market your PhD. Some of them will have current vacancies for PhDs, but that’s not the real aim of running this part of the event – it’s more about giving you the chance to quiz them now, so when you do want a job, with them or other employers, you’re better prepared.

d) Careers advice at the fair
We’ll also be there to give careers advice to all comers. Our main careers advice team will be happy to see Masters, PhDs and undergrads on either day. As a special treat, on Wednesday, we’ve also got a team of PhD careers advisers in the PhD Career Zone.

So, come and say hello to me on Wednesday in the PhD Zone or on Thursday in our main career advice area, and make the most of our last graduate recruitment fair until the autumn.