Pathways – Almost There

Tomorrow sees the start of Pathways, our career options event for researchers. I know loads of you already know all about it, as we’ve had over 450 register for Day 1 already. This is an update on what’s on offer, including the latest programmes and timetables.

Day 1 – Friday 10th June, Renold Building (ie. tomorrow – eek!)

You can register from 9.15 onwards.

Introductory talk from Judy Williams and me, to get you warmed up for the sessions to come and get you thinking about your career, what you want and how to find out where your PhD might lead you.

10.45 – 3.30
Q&A panels, with around 70 (depending on who turns up on the day) PhD qualified panellists in a range of careers, academic and non-academic.

LATEST: Download the Panellist Profiles (pdf)

Not all panellists have completed a profile but it gives you a good idea of the breadth of experience you’ll find at the event.

On the day, you’ll also have a couple of documents to help you choose your sessions by showing you:

1. Which panellists are in jobs open to which disciplines (including those open to any discipline)

2. Which panellists are in which type of work ie

  • academic or other university research/teaching
  • business, management, professional services, admin
  • communication, HR, training
  • healthcare
  • non-academic roles in universities
  • project management
  • self-employed/freelance
  • teaching outside a university
  • technical/research outside a university

Several panellists fall into more than one type of work so our materials scientist/cake designer (no, really…) comes under “university research” as well as “self-employed”

Day 2 – Monday 13th June, Renold Building

You can register from 8.45 onwards – that’s important, because you need to choose and sign up for sessions on the day, and it’s first come, first served for some of the sessions which have limited places.

For those who have registered, we’ve sent you an e-mail with details of what you have to do beforehand (there’s homework!). We’d also like you to use the online link in the e-mail to show us which sessions you’re interested in, to help us make sure there is enough support on the day.

LATEST: Download the full programme and timetable (both Word docs)

9.30 – 10.30 Introductory session
Let you know what you’re going to be doing in the interactive sessions coming up, and get you “warmed up” and ready for action

10.45 – 11.45 Presentations, as if at a job interview.
We have 120 places for those of you who want to have a go at presenting your research – in 5 minutes – plus lots more places for observers who can give feedback

11.45 – 1.00 Choice of sessions

  • academic interviews, with 3 different panels (by faculty) of experienced academics, talking about what they look for at interviews
  • group exercise sessions – IBM run group exercise (30 places only); medical communications recruitment exercises (ie suitable for would-be medical writers) run by KnowledgePoint360 (50 places); group discussions – run by us, but with exercises previously used by Accenture in recruitment (50 places)

As an alternative, from 10.45-1.00, you can opt for our practice psychometric tests

2.00-3.45 Practice interviews
This gives you the chance to test out your interview skills from both sides of the desk. In groups of 3 or 4 researchers, you will get the chance to interview each other, be interviewed and observe/give feedback.

As an alternative, from 2.00-4.00, you can opt for our practice psychometric tests

Day 2 has proven to be more popular than we expected, so hopefully we’ll have enough  places for all of you who want to have a go at presentations or the group exercises, but apologies in advance if you have to opt for your second choice. I’m still counting on the suspicion that lots of people will chicken out on the day, as the presentations and interviews need you to do preparation work beforehand. (Details of this have been sent out to all who have registered.)

If there is obviously unmet demand on the day, we can look at putting on similar (smaller scale) sessions in future, rather than just a once a year event.

Then it’s just the PhD Career Zone @ The Graduate Fair on Wednesday, and then I can relax …

So, see you there tomorrow!