“An Academic Career” – Feedback?

We launched our careers website for aspiring academics, “An Academic Career” in March and it has attracted over 13,000 hits since then.

What we’d love to know is:

Have you done anything differently since

  • reading something on the website
  • downloading one of the self assessment handouts (“What do you want out of a career?”, or “Have you got what it takes?”)
  • or watching some of the video clips of academics talking about their careers, whether on the website or in training sessions which have used the videos?

It could be that you’ve updated your academic CV, made an effort to add a new academic contact to your network, started looking at different jobs or fellowships, decided to apply for a PhD – or decided that you’d rather explore alternatives to academia after all.

Just drop me a comment via the feedback form below. Whatever you say won’t be printed on the blog for all to see, but will be e-mailed directly to me. If you don’t mind us using any comments in reports or publicity about the site, please just tick the box beneath your comment (any comments used will be kept anonymous).

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