International Programmes for International Students

Today I’ve come across two programmes from global companies, targeting international grads/postgrads currently studying outside their home country, but who want to return to a graduate level position back home.

I was initially asked to let you know about a programme aimed at Masters and PhDs in computing/engineering to work in IBM’s India Storage Lab, looking at advanced storage technologies – the India Storage Lab Campus Programme (pdf). These do look like excellent opportunities if you want to return to India after your studies here. I haven’t been given any closing date, but we all know that closing dates don’t matter these days – you just have to get your applications in as soon as possible.

Even more interesting though, I found that IBM now have an International Student Hiring site, targeted at international students from a range of countries – from Argentina to Vietnam, with a large selection of “featured jobs” suitable for returning home graduates who are currently studying around the world. Definitely worth bookmarking if you’re interested in working for IBM in technical, consulting or business roles.

Unilever’s Future Leaders programme is well established in the UK, and as employers of research scientists, they are no strangers to postgrads. With continued global expansion, they have now launched a spin off, aimed at international students specifically studying in the UK who want to return to their home country. The vacancies advertised are for a range of management functions, and they’re looking for people with “prior experience of the culture and working practices in the country you apply to”. The countries covered include several in Africa, the Middle East, a couple in Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) and Russia.

Oddly, they’ve advertised this on a Unilever Facebook page (don’t think you need a Facebook account to see this), but, as far as I can see, not on their global Future Leaders recruitment website, or on the UK Future Leaders graduate recruitment site which has lots more information about functions and what they’re looking for. To give yourself the best chance, I’d look at each of these to find out about the specific international vacancies, and what Unilever look for from their graduate management trainee applicants.

These do have a closing date (25th May) – but get in asap would be my usual advice.

The Future?
I know that two data points don’t make a trend, but this is one recruitment strategy I’ll be keeping a close eye on – the more the better as far as I’m concerned.