Postgrads – Need Some Funding?

Whether you’re a Masters looking for funding for a PhD, or need to supplement your current postgraduate course, we normally suggest you have a trawl through the Grants Register, a weighty tome (well, what other kinds of tome are there?) which lives in seclusion in the Careers Service.

But that’s just changed – you can now get access to UK information from the Grants Register by searching the Prospects Funding database. The Grants Register includes all sorts of trusts and charities who might just be able to fling a few quid your way, if you meet their eligibility criteria, give them a good reason to fund you and ask them nicely enough. It looks like it includes just the UK sources from the Grants Register so it might still be worthwhile calling in to the Careers Service and viewing a copy if you’re an international student or want the full information, but it’s a big step forward.

I first heard about this from Chris Rea at Graduate Prospects last year, and had just about given up waiting for an announcement so I’m delighted they really have pulled this one off, and brought one of our most useful (and used) Careers Service books into the digital age.

Happy hunting for those extra funds.


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    • Glad you like it – I think it’s a good step forward for Prospects.


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