An Academic Career – Improved Video Playlists

Have you had problems seeing the video playlists on our new website, “An Academic Career“? If so, we may have just fixed them for you.

If you could see the individual video clips sprinkled throughout the site, but not the full playlists on the Academic Careers stories pages (for example, the lovely Adrian Armstrong, Professor of Early French Culture), you’ll be pleased to know our web developers have made some major improvements, which should mean you can now play all the videos.

Unfortunately, it won’t help if your location automatically blocks video from our University of Manchester video server (it seems that some other universities’ firewalls won’t let us through!) or if you’re trying to access them from a flashy no-Flash iPad.

However, we do have transcripts of all the videos on the Academic Career Stories page, or on the individual playlist pages so you don’t have to miss out.

We’ve had almost 5,000 hits on the site so far, so we’re hoping it’s going to prove very useful. If you’ve had a look, we’d love to know what you think.

And of course, we’ve had the ultimate recognition already;  a coveted Times Higher Education flashy pen and post-it notes – the pinnacle of my career.