New United Nations Careers Resources

I’ve just been sent details of a whole new set of ways the UN is promoting its careers, including

  • Careers website – United Nations Careers
    Includes career options, how to apply, what you can do at the UN and job search.

They’re also using social media to allow you to keep in touch with their news and to explore careers with this major organisation.

In addition, if you’re interested in the UN, why not try using the advanced people search in LinkedIn to find those who have worked for the UN?

Unless you already have a connection to them, you won’t be able to contact them directly (that would just be spam) – but you can see the career paths of those who have public profiles, to see how they made it to the UN. If you’re a member of the same LinkedIn groups, you will also have access to more information about them, so a good tip is to join groups where UN employees are likely to congregate!