Economy Down, Grad Recruitment Up

As a counter to the depressing economic news today, the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has issued its Winter Survey 2011, and the news is not too bad (it doesn’t feel like a day for getting over-enthusiastic…)

In November 2010, 222 AGR members gave the actual numbers of graduates they had recruited in 2009-10.This was up 8.9% on the previous year. Don’t get too excited though, because the previous year was 8.9% down on the one before that.

So, we’re now back to where we were in 2007-8. Still, it’s better than being “at an all-time low”.

They also predict that their recruitment figures will be up by 3.8% for 2010-11. However, as they originally predicted (just this Summer!) that the 2009-10 figures would show a 6.9% drop (as opposed to the 8.9% rise which actually happened) I’m not getting over-excited by any of their projections for this coming year.

But what about pay?
What, you want to know about salaries? Median graduate salary flat for two years, at £25,000 – and not predicted to rise. And now you’re back to being depressed.