Battle Of The Smartphones

Anyone got a smartphone out there? If so, have you got a favourite app?

We’re starting to be targeted by organisations insisting that any service provider worth its virtual salt should have an app so its clients can, you know, interact. Not sure what you’d want from a Careers Service app on your phone, but before we get into commissioning wars, one of the things we’d need to know would be which type of phone is most popular with our clients.

Which phone?

  • Most of the marketing  from app providers focuses on iPhones.
  • “Must have a Careers Service iPhone app” is also the choice of those who’ve heard that apps are the coming thing, but haven’t actually used one.
  • On the other hand, one of my colleagues, who insists she isn’t a social media guru (even though she is) is convinced that most of the students she sees have Blackberries (like her).
  • Alternatively, I’m quietly confident that the spectacular rise in Android phones will quickly mean that iPhones are overtaken as the smartphone of choice (yup, you can guess what I’ve got).

So, if you’re one of our clients (University of Manchester postgrad, graduate or undergrad), could you spend 10 seconds telling us if you have a smartphone and if so, which type of phone is it?

Just click on our poll

App recommendation
As for me, Thinking Space, a mind-mapping app for Android, is my current all-time favourite app. So far I’ve used it to plan Christmas dinner, a trip to SE Asia and what to say to new postgrads in a podcast. Only problem is it’s now too easy to work on the train.


2 comments on “Battle Of The Smartphones

  1. I would vote Android as it doesn’t suffer from vendor lock-in. i.e. there are many phone manufacturers using it.

    • I’m with you Simon. I have an aversion to getting locked into all things “i” (I’ll manage my music my own way, thank you, iTunes).

      Of course, I’m now getting cosy with all things Google (iGoogle homepage, Google reader, Google calendar, Google listen …) so maybe I’m just getting locked into some other behemoth’s world, but it feels like I’m a bit more in control (and I do love my Sammy Galaxy S!)

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