Another List: Hi-Tech Small Companies

If you’re working in a specialist field but want to move out of academia, how do you find those niche hi-tech companies who will really understand and value your postgraduate expertise?

One strategy is to look at science parks or university spin-out organisations – the closer the company is to university research, the more likely they are to recognise what you’ve got to offer, and to be working on cutting edge research or services. They’re also likely to have other postgrads or former academics working for them, so they’ll automatically understand why employing a postgrad is a good thing.

They can be hard to find though, particularly if they’re very new and have a website more focused on promoting themselves to customers or venture capitalists, rather than any careers info.

Oops! The Innovation Park Search website seems to have been hacked. Don’t go searching for it – it’ll infect your PC with a trojan! I’ve alerted UMIP, removed the links in this blog post, and I’ll resurrect this post once it’s fixed (it’s really useful so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon).

However, UMIP, University of Manchester’s Intellectual Property commercialisation company, have a great search engine, Innovation Park Search, designed to search the research web pages of companies based on UK Science Parks and Incubator facilities.

You are unlikely to find job adverts this way, but you could find companies to whom you could send a speculative application.

Try your particular specialism in the search box, and see what comes up.