Careers Service Website Problems?

Apparently the university has a “rogue server” on its web server farm – which sounds far more exciting than I suspect it really is.

Has it been “turned” and is now acting as a double agent? Which university is it in league with (hey, Cambridge has form in the spy stakes)? Or was it never quite what it seemed (like Lucas North in Spooks – surely he can’t really be a bad guy…)?

Anyway, if you happen to try to access the Careers Service website on the server which has been turned, you’ll get a message something like:

Warning: include(/WWW/DocumentRoots/5/careers2/includes/php/careerslink/student/passthrough/cas_login.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /afs/mcc/common/WWW/DocumentRoots/5/careers2/careerslink/student/passthrough/index.htm on line 3

Just close the browser or tab and  try again. Hopefully you’ll get connected through one of the 7 other loyal servers.

Meanwhile, in a deserted underground car park somewhere in Manchester, IT Services agents wearing balaclavas are closing in on the increasingly desperate server – hope they all get out alive…


4 comments on “Careers Service Website Problems?

  1. At last! The rogue server has been captured. It has now been “re-educated”, and is back on duty (but I reckon it’ll be assigned to non-critical duties – y’know, University Gift Shop etc – until it’s proven its loyalty again). 🙂

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