The Job Market For Postgrads – New Slidecast

Following the talks earlier this term on the state of the job market and how to find jobs for postgrads, I’ve updated the slides, recorded audio soundtracks, and today, I’ve uploaded the talk on “The Job Market for Postgrads” to Slideshare (with the talk on strategies for finding jobs for postgrads to come – Slideshare’s being a bit slow this afternoon!).

As with the other online talks, there is audio commentary for each slide but you don’t have to listen to it all – you can skip from slide to slide. However, it may take a little time for the audio to download to your PC, so if you try to skip straight to the later slides as soon as you load the page, the audio may not have caught up.

I’ve set the presentation up so that you can also download it (from the Slideshare website) if you wish – I haven’t done that in the past, so if that’s useful to you, let me know and I can do the same with the other online talks.

The Job Market for Postgraduates, 2010/2011

This includes

  • A review of the recent job market (non-academic and academic), including vacancies from employers targeting Manchester graduates and postgraduates
  • Some thoughts on the future areas of concern and growth
  • What employers think of postgrads – and what you can do about it
  • Which types of jobs you should target as postgrads
  • The annual recruitment cycle – when different types of jobs are advertised
  • Two recent recruitment trends

Hopefully, “Part 2: How to Find a Job for Postgrads” will follow tomorrow.