Your Ultimate List of Employers

What, you want more lists of employers? OK, this is the daddy of them all – but it takes a bit of work to get to what you want.

Our wonderful John Rylands Library has a subscription to a database called FAME. Nothing to do with leg warmers, the Man Who Sold The World or X-Factor wannabes – it’s a database of almost 2.5 million public and private companies in the UK and Ireland.

You need to be on campus to access it without a password, or if you’re off campus, just use your usual University of Manchester login.

You can search on factors such as industry classification, location and number of employees (in total or at a particular trading address). You can then get a list of all companies which match your search criteria, contact details, including website where they have that information, plus loads of financial info (that’s what it’s really designed to give you).

One limitation is that the categories can be a bit old fashioned (OK, positively antique at times). For example, there’s a category of “manufacture of coke oven products” – but not bioinformatics. However, you can do a keyword search, although bioinformatics still only comes up with 4 companies.

(In practice, if you are after bioinformatics employers I’d start here, or for jobs in the UK, this is quite handy).

You don’t get any idea of whether they are recruiting or what exactly they do, but it does give you some useful target organisations to investigate. Interestingly, it also gives you details of directors, where applicable – depending on the size of the organisation, this may also give you a name to write to speculatively.

So, next time someone asks me, “Do you have a list of large employers in the agrochemicals sector in Norfolk?”, I know where I’m going to tell them to go.