CV Talks This Thurs/Fri

In case you haven’t yet checked out CareersLink to find out what’s coming up, this is to alert you to two more talks this week:

  • CVs and Applications for Masters
    Thursday 14th October, 12 noon – 12.50pm
    Room 1.009, Roscoe Building
  • CVs and Applications for PhD Researchers
    Friday 15th October, 12 noon – 12.50pm
    Room 1.009, Roscoe Building

I’ve spent a lot of my professional life as a recruiter so I can give you some insights into how recruiters view your applications, and what makes them stand out.

I’ll summarise some of the important points for your CVs, covering letters and application forms, but as you can read that sort of stuff on the handouts or the web, I think it’s more useful to answer your questions, particularly as they relate to being a postgraduate.

So, come armed with your questions and we can figure out how to make all your applications stand out (for the right reasons).