Part-time Work in Manchester

Lots of new postgrads are keen to find part-time work locally – but so are lots of undergrads. In a city packed full of students, it’s always a challenge to find suitable part-time work. Now, with the recession and graduates from last year hanging on to their part-time jobs until they can find a full-time job, it’s tougher than ever.

However, there are some strategies you can use to improve your chances:

  • Look outside the standard student areas – everyone’s looking in Fallowfield and along Oxford Road, so venture further afield. See where the direct bus routes take you – some areas may be further than others, but closer in terms of travelling time.
  • Ask people you meet if they’ve heard of anyone wanting someone to work part-time. Most part-time work is never advertised, and word of mouth is a good way to find this type of work. Even better, get to know some of last year’s postgrads who have part-time jobs and see if they will “pass them on” to you when they finish their programme!
  • Get your applications up to scratch for part-time work. If you’re applying for a retail post, a 3 page CV giving details of all your university courses, honours and prizes is over the top. Have a look at our handout on Finding and applying for part-time jobs (pdf).
  • Browse the part-time jobs on the Careers Service vacancy database (currently here, but it’s changing next week – more on that later!)
  • Read the “Jobs Seen on the Street” blog posts from the Undergrad careers blog (also linked from the right hand side of this blog) for our weekly round-up of ads we’ve spotted around town and on the web.

Read more on the Part-Time Work section of our website, or now, get it all on our latest slidecast (that’s slides plus an audio soundtrack) from Scott Foley, our Placements and Work Experience Manager:


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    • Hi Milap

      Glad you’re ready for work! Your best approach is to follow the info in the blog post (above) – start to browse the vacancies on our careers service website, check out the other sources of vacancies on the Part-time jobs section of our website and tell everyone you know that you’re looking.

      Good luck!

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