Humanities Researchers – Blogs to Watch

Our Humanities researcher training team not only have a great PhD skills blog, but they also write a really excellent blog for Humanities research staff.

Claire Stocks updates the blog very regularly and has covered a lot of careers information, relevant to research staff, but also just as useful for PhD researchers.

Much of what she writes applies to researchers from other disciplines as well, and she tweets when there are new posts to read via the @HumsResearchers twitter feed (a feed for both PhDs and research staff).

I’ll be out of the office all this week and unable to post, so here are the careers-related posts Claire has written over the last few months – lots of good stuff here for any researcher:

Using your research skills outside of academia

Getting feedback when you didn’t get that job

Strategic academic career planning top tips

Writing an academic CV

Non-academic CVs

Humanities Researchers: Skills Training Team. Left to right - Claire Stocks, Ann Barlow, Emily Bannister