Pathways Panels – What’s Coming Up

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I’ve just drafted a summary of the panels we’re planning to run for

Pathways Day 1 (Friday 11th June) – our annual career options event for PhDs and research staff

– and I thought you’d like a preview.

What’s a panel?
Each panel generally consists of about 4 people, all of whom have a PhD and are now working in an area which fits with the title of the panel. The panellists give a brief introduction to their careers, and then, with the help of a Chair, it’s over to the researchers in the audience to ask questions. The Chairs will have extra questions if the audience is a little shy or dries up – but frankly that’s rarely a problem.

Panellists are normally friends of the organisers, alumni, people we’ve met socially, academics who’ve had their arms twisted – not recruiters. This means that they’ll give you the real story, not a sanitized marketing view of careers, so come with all those questions you wouldn’t ask an employer directly (apart from “what do you earn?” of course!)

Which panels are you running?
Glad you asked that – I just happen to have a little list. Here goes:

  • Opportunities for Humanities (range of examples)
  • Opportunities for Engineering and Physical Sciences (range of examples)
  • Opportunities for Medical & Human Sciences, and Life Sciences (range of examples)
  • Academic careers for MHS/FLS
  • Academic careers for EPS
  • Academic careers for Humanities
  • Non academic careers in universities
  • Business and management roles
  • Communications roles (including medical writing)
  • Working as a freelance / consultant
  • Enterprise, entrepreneurship and business start-up
  • Careers outside the lab
  • Careers in research management
  • Working for the Government and public sector
  • Museums, libraries and information services
  • Working for the NHS
  • Events, PR and marketing
  • Training and development roles
  • Economics and finance
  • Research-based roles outside universities
  • What’s it like working outside the UK?
  • Teaching outside of universities
  • Managing projects
  • Lecturing and teaching in universities

Several of the panels will run more than once, and guests will generally appear on more than one panel. If you’ve got a specific area of interest which doesn’t seem to be covered in the list above, it’s still definitely worth coming along, as any of the panels could cover topics such as how do you look for work, what’s it like going through interviews, how are PhDs viewed outside academia – applicable to any PhD career.

You’ll be able to cram in 5 panel sessions on the day and we’ll produce a detailed timetable so you can map out your own tailored programme – but now you can start thinking about where your priorities lie.

Register your attendance now – to make sure there’s enough free food to go round!