Postgraduate Allsorts – Something For Everyone

I’m back, after being submerged under a mound of undergraduate marking, so it’s time for a round-up of miscellaneous postgrad careers snippets:

Careers events for all, coming up
Our new programme of events targeted at those due to graduate soon has now been announced. Although it’s branded as our “New Grad” programme (pdf), I know that many of those attending in previous years have been postgrads. This year, starting on 7th June, we’ve got sessions on:

  • Writing CVs, Interviews and Assessment Centres
  • Employer-led skills sessions on “Commercial Awareness” and “Presentation Skills”
  • A wide range of other topics including using recruitment agencies in your job search, staying in Manchester, being your own boss, options for humanities graduates, “options in finance, business, accountancy and management in the current economic climate”, opportunities in the public, voluntary and charity sectors, job hunting for international students and more.

The programme runs until 17th June, but most sessions will only run once – check our calendar of events for full details.

From the Association of Graduate Recruiters Finance employers presentation this week:

  • Don’t believe all the media gloom about graduate jobs; 1 in 4 jobs with these major financial recruiters went unfilled last year

Public Sector
In the public sector, jobs are, not surprisingly, looking much more difficult to find:

  • Holly, our Information Manager, has blogged about Public sector cuts – and vacancies, on our Graduate blog.
  • Looks like you’re OK if you’re already in line for a Fast Stream Civil Service job this year, but no word yet on how Fast Stream will be affected next year. If you’re worried, come and talk to the representatives from the Cabinet Office attending both the main Graduate Fair, and the PhD Zone on Wednesday 16th June – that is, if they don’t pull out…

Mental Healthcare
If you’re interested in healthcare, specifically supporting people with mental health issues, the new Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)  jobs have just been announced. These are new roles open not only to psychology postgrads, but also to other graduates if you can demonstrate experience in mental health work through a portfolio. There are two types of role with differing entry requirements – Trainee High Intensity Therapists and Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners. East Cheshire NHS Trust is coordinating recruitment for the whole North West. For more information see:

Did you know we run a Media Club blog for University of Manchester students & graduates? Louise Sethi, one of our Careers Consultants who had her own career in the media, is now posting regular updates, plus we’ve a Twitter feed (@mcrmediaclub) and a page on the blog with lots of info and links on working in the media.

Interested in becoming a (medical) doctor?
You should be thinking about applying for your UKCAT test if you want to apply to one of the 26 universities in the UK which use this as an entry requirement for graduate entry to medicine. Sophie has written a blog post on our Medical Careers blog all about it.

Want to know all about getting into medicine after your postgraduate degree? Have a look at our Graduate Entry to Medicine handout (pdf).

Now back to sorting out the Pathways event for PhDs (you had heard of that, hadn’t you…?)