Love Manchester? Why Not Stay?

I know lots of postgrads are keen to stay in the Manchester area. If you already have deep roots here or have just come to love living in the North West (or let’s be honest, to love someone who lives here), we’ve got some new resources to help you decide where to live and how to find work.

World of Manchester

Our World of Manchester interactive map looks beyond the Oxford Road corridor, and gives you a quick insight into what’s on offer within commuting distance of the city centre. It goes as far as High Peak (in Derbyshire) and Cheshire (no, they’re not too far – I’ve lived in both, so I know they’re easily commutable).

Where to live

The site is designed to let you quickly get a feel for what’s on offer in each area, such as:

  • “Living here” – including average cost to rent or buy, and average council tax
  • “Getting here” – a map showing you just how close places like Oldham really are, giving you some idea of public transport costs to get to Manchester, and highlighting transport links

Where to work

The “Working here” part of the “World of Manchester” site gives some very brief info on the main types of employment. However, if you want more detail (and for those areas you want to seriously consider, we realise you will want more than this overview), just click the “Finding work” link at the top of the interactive map .

This will get you to the detailed Manchester and the North West section of our Careers Service website.

There you’ll find information on 15 employment sectors with loads of useful links, videos and downloadable resources (including lists of North West employers in some cases)