Changes to Work Visa Regs

In case you haven’t spotted the Twitter update today (see the Latest Updates, right, if you’re reading this on the blog), the UK Home Office has announced more changes to the visa regulations for those international students wanting to stay in the UK after studying.

There’s a bit more information on Amanda’s International Careers blog (it does affect PhDs and the points criteria) but more will be revealed when Gerry Bell, our International Students Officer, has pored over the new regs tonight.

By coincidence, she was already scheduled to give a talk on “International Students: Working in the UK” tomorrow, 2.30-4.00pm in Schuster Building, Moseley lecture theatre – so I guess it might be standing room only for this one.

I’d get there early.
(And then the researchers can leave on time and get to the STEPS launch in the Burlington rooms just as we start at 4pm.)