STEPS – More PGR Students Get Blogging

Don’t know if you’ve spotted, but the STEPS* blog has had a shot in the arm recently.
(*STEPS = Skills Training Essentials for PGR Students)

The editorial team has been infiltrated by six PhD researchers, covering all faculties, and blog posting is back on track. They’ve also taken control of the Newsletter so expect a new one of those any day now. (OK, I’ll be honest, it was a friendly takeover and Mark and Dee-Ann are still on the editorial team … and they did actively look for someone to take over the reins.)

So far, they’ve blogged about employers’ views of researchers’ skills, how to manage information overload and the “Voluntary, Not-For-Profit and Public Sector” careers fair on Monday. Talking to one of the editorial team, Amy Freund, they’re hoping to use the blog and the Newsletter to keep researchers up to date with events and skills training activities, and also how these skills come in useful after a PhD (we’ll be working in partnership to try and bring you more profiles of postgrads after they graduate).

If you’ve got any ideas of what you’d like to see, or want to contribute, just add a comment to their blog, or e-mail them at

Oh, and for anyone who didn’t spot the tweet earlier this week, the Society for Industrial and Applied Maths, Manchester Student Chapter is now also blogging – expect a post from them in the near future.