Careers in Publishing

March is our creative industries month, so here are some resources which could be of use to anyone interested in publishing, whether that’s academic publishing, literary publishing, trade journals or magazines.

Careers in Publishing
When:    15th March, 12.30-14.00
Where:   5.004, 5th floor, Crawford House (above the Careers Service)

We’ve got panellists from Manchester University Press, Graduate Prospects (magazine and online careers publisher) and Ten Alps (business-to-business and multimedia publisher) coming to talk about different roles and entry routes, with the chance for you to ask questions.

Our Careers Service website has some good starting points for careers in publishing as part of our ever-expanding set of “Sector Pages”.

The Publishing page (under the Media, Creative and Cultural sector) has

  • an overview of the sector
  • links to some key players (including those in Manchester)
  • links to descriptions of some of the common job roles in publishing
  • starting points for where to look for jobs

These sector pages are meant as “pointers” rather than exhaustive lists, but with masses of information out there, we can filter out the less relevant and get you to the good stuff without having to trawl through endless Google search lists.

However, I think it’s worth pointing out a few extra local publishers and publishing resources:

  • Publishing Northwest has lots of links to local literary and magazine publishers – far more than you’d imagine (though how many are “labours of love” rather than “major employers” is another matter)
  • Literature Northwest is their sister site, with more emphasis on news, events and writers in the North West
  • Another area which is less often highlighted is the area of trade and business publishing. Two publications which are both part of broad publishing groups, but have a base in Manchester are Crain’s Manchester Business and North West Business Insider along with many others through Ten Alps Publishing

There’s also a November 2009 Business Link report on the state of publishing in the North West of England, including Merseyside, linked from the “How Do” site which has lots of news from the North West media industry. It’s good for doing a reality check – there were 741 companies in the North West involved in some sort of publishing … but the vast majority employed less than 6 people.

That should get you going – if you find any other good resources, just drop me a comment and I can add them to this post.