Think Twitter’s a Fad?

Courtesy of Matt Hamm @ FlickrJust totted up, and there are almost 10,000 “followers” of the University Careers Services who use Twitter accounts, across the UK.

Even if we’re all following each other (where do you think I get my inside info?!) and there’s the odd spammy follower (though I try to delete those where I spot them), that’s still a helluva lot of students now using Twitter to look for jobs or keep up to date with their careers.

The place to start?

@ManPGCareers – of course (shameless self promotion, as usual…), plus our general Manchester University Careers Twitter feed @ManUniCareers

Want more? My colleague (and social media guru) Helen Pownall, has a long list of Careers Services across the country who are tweeting, which you can check out.