Environment, Media, Psychology – Insights Coming Up

This semester is the season for some of our big “Insight” events, particularly focused on the less corporate end of the job market. Each of these events gives you the chance to talk to current practioners in their field to find out what their work is like, how they got into their line of work, and what advice they would give to someone like you.

None of these events are jobs fairs – the practitioners who attend do it out of the goodness of their hearts, often because they are alumni (or personal friends of the organisers!). They are not there to recruit you or tell you about any job vacancies – but the insider information and insights they can offer you are so much more valuable than simply reading the sanitized prose on an employer’s website.

Sold? Right, here’s what’s coming up:


Insight into Careers in the Environmental Sector

Wednesday 3rd March, 1-4.40pm, University Place
Sign-up from 15th February

It starts with introductory talks about the sector overall, and how to gain voluntary experience (often more critical than just getting an environmental qualification, if you’re after any job in this field). You’ll then be split into discussion groups to quiz broad panels of environmental professionals, ranging from ecologists to environmental consultants. Finally, you’ll get the chance to network with whichever panellists particularly interest you.

It’s been a challenging year in the environment sector – lots of the people who have supported us in previous years have had to move jobs or have experienced redundancy themselves, and so can’t attend. This means that it’s now an extremely competitive sector to try to break into, so any advice you can get should be cherished (and apologies if the specific environmental area you want to hear about isn’t covered).


I know this won’t apply to you but …
Although it’s not a recruitment event, it is a professional event, and all the panellists who have volunteered to talk to you deserve attention and respect. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few grumpy, and frankly, rather rude postgrads attend in previous years, so I’ve had to work hard to convince my colleagues that you’re all really lovely and will be on your best behaviour (but I know you won’t let me down this year).


Insight into Broadcasting and Journalism

30th and 31st March, 9-5.30, South Campus
Limited places so apply today
Cost: £42.50

This two day course is one of our long standing “crown jewel” events, and is one of the few where we have to charge a fee (it’s for course materials, lunches and refreshments) – but where else can you get to work with professionals from the BBC, ITV, Galaxy Radio and Key 103 to produce broadcast and print media to tight deadlines?

Mingle with the stars (chat to Ranvir Singh – dare you to ask her about her living legend co-presenter…), marvel at the dramatic talents of our crack troupe of classical actors (some of us may look familiar) and test yourself out – could you do this for a living?


Calling All Psychologists

Wednesday 10 March, 1-4.45, South Campus
No need to pre-register, but bring your University swipe card to gain admittance*

We’ve got a wide range of talks on different aspects of psychology – clinical, educational, counselling, occupational, forensic, health and more. We’ve also got talks on how to get that all important work experience you’ll need to get into most psychology professions. Plus, we’ve got information stands for all these professions, the Careers Service, volunteer opportunities, the NHS and the Psychology Society. We’re hoping to audio record the talks, but you won’t get the chance to have any of your questions answered if you’re not there on the day.

* We’re happy to welcome University of Manchester graduates & postgraduates from previous years – you’ll just have to fill out a registration form on arrival. For access to full details of the event, use your login for your careers account. Not got one? A careers account is open to all alumni – just register here with details of your previous course.