Tesco China – Inside Info Before You Apply

Did you know that Tesco employ over 20,000 people in China? They’re currently recruiting for their Fast-Track China Graduate Scheme, particularly for :

  • Store Operations (Northern China)
  • Buying (across China)
  • Merchandising (Shanghai)
  • Marketing (Shanghai)

The programme starts in China in September, followed by a 7 month development programme in the UK, before a permanent move back to a role in China with Tesco.

The closing date is 12th Feb (next week) – but you can get real inside info before you submit your application by talking to Tesco directly on our Tesco China webchat this afternoon:

  • Time:      2-3pm, Wednesday 3rd Feb
  • Where:   Wherever you can get on-line (PC cluster, train, bed …)
  • How:       Go to our webchat page for all the relevant links

You should register beforehand for our webchat system if you haven’t already done so (easy to do using your university login details), choose a nickname you want to use (ideally something professional – these are real Tesco recruiters you’re talking to), and then you can get that inside info which will give you the edge over all the other applicants who haven’t talked to them.

If you’ve missed the webchat, you can view the transcripts on-line, but you lose the chance to ask the right questions.

So, go on – when they ask you why you want to work for Tesco China, I’m sure they’ll be impressed by talking about how they answered your questions in a live webchat.