Careers Service “Country Pages”

Did you know that the Careers Service website has pages devoted to around 60 countries? Whether you use them regularly or have never heard of them (until now), we’d love your feedback by completing our poll below.

They’re about to undergo a revamp so let us know what you do and don’t like about them and our International careers supremo, Amanda Conway, will factor that into her update. She’s also got the same poll on her International careers blog, so if you’ve voted there, obviously, there’s no need to vote here as well.

Here’s a bit more detail, shamelessly stolen (mainly)  from Amanda’s International Careers blog:

Careers Service Country Pages – Feedback

We are conscious that the page layouts are not that inspiring, the content may not meet your needs and the awareness of this resource amongst you, our students, is mixed. So, in order to set us on the right track, we just need a little bit of input from you – our target audience to help us with our upgrade.

If you have one minute to spare, why not take part in our poll above?

If you have 5 minutes to spare, please also make a comment on the Intenational Careers blog (this is the link to the relevant post). All comments are anonymous, and all feedback is welcomed, such as:

  • Which country page have you used – was it useful?
  • What else would you like to see on there?
  • Anything that you did not like?

What we know already:

  1. We know that the pages are not specifically tailored to international students returning home. That’s because we also cater for non-nationals who wish to explore work in another country. However, if there are particular things you would like to see, please do tell us.
  2. We know that a load of the good stuff is currently hidden on the second page – on the “work & relocation section” (did you?). That will be changing!
  3. We know that we do not have a comprehensive list of jobs in each country. Although that would be nice, it’s unrealistic to try and offer this. Instead, we try to give you links to sites which can help you do this for yourself. If you know of good sites we don’t mention though, please do tell us.

If you haven’t seen the country pages before, they can be found under the continent groups here: