Postgrad Funding and Fellowships –

Did Santa leave you a nice $30,000 scholarship at the bottom of your stocking this Christmas? No? OK, here’s an alternative to relying on the generosity of Coke-fuelled mythical creations for funding your postgraduate study or further research –

The University has a subscription to this site so you can access it while you’re on campus (click the “Enter” button under “Campus access” – the image below links directly to the site, so you can have a go).

(Quick update: Within minutes of posting this, @jamespevans tweeted me to say Manchester postgrads can also sign up to get off-site access – the power of the Twitterverse, eh? Any problems with signing up, contact

There follows a series of screens which, frankly, I initially found quite confusing, so here’s my pictorial guide to finding funding using ResearchResearch.

NB. The rest of the images are all just screenshots of the site. You’ll have to go to the site itself to actually click on all the buttons and drop down lists.

The first page you’ll see when you get Campus access is this (click on the image to view a larger, clearer version):

I’ll just focus on the funding search, which you can access by clicking on the “Funding”  link on the top left hand side, and choosing “Funding Search” – or just clicking the direct link on the right hand side of the screen.

This is an extract from the next screen you’ll see:

If you’re just interested in funding for postgrads (such as travel grants, small scholarships to help you during your studies, or if you’re a Masters looking for funding to do a PhD), or post-doctoral fellowships, click on the “Full text” drop down box.

You’ll probably want to filter the massive database by the type of award first (you can add other filters, such as discipline, later):

Then came the screen which flummoxed me at first:

You need to press “Select” before you can see any of the options (doh). This brings up a pop-up screen which you can scroll down to select the items you want to include:

“Financial aid for postgraduate students”, “Pre-doctoral fellowships” and “Travel to conferences, meetings etc” are just some of the categories which might interest you.

Tick the items you’re interested in and press “Save”. Once the pop-up disappears, just press “Search” and the list of results will appear below the Search criteria boxes :

Scroll down the list generated to see more. If you’re lucky, you may even have a few pages to click through. Look for the “Next” page link at the bottom of the screen – it’s right at the bottom so check it’s not being obscured by any toolbars at the bottom of your browser.

Clicking on any of the awards brings up details of the award on the right hand side of the screen:

You’ll need to get your skates on if you want to apply for this Royal Historical Society funding, as the closing date’s tomorrow (but there’s another call due in April).

There are lots of refinements you can make:

  • You can add further criteria to filter the results – just press “+” on the right hand side of the box where you selected the type of award. This brings up further filters.
  • If you’re not just looking for immediate opportunities, but are also interested in looking at a longer term strategy for funding your research or postgrad study, you can include “closed calls” (tick the box next to the “Search” button). This will give you awards which are already past their closing dates this year. There’s no absolute guarantee that they will be available again next year, but most have annual calls for applicants, so you can put the likely opening dates in your diary to make sure you get your application in on time next year.

For those looking for post-doctoral fellowships, one tip is to also include a search of “Pre-doctoral fellowships” as many of the awards they’ve put in this category can also apply to your first post-doctoral role. You might also look at “Mid-Career Fellowships” or “Travel for research purposes”, which is how the following Lindemann Fellowship ($30,000 scholarships for physical science grads, postgrads or post-docs to do research in the USA) has been categorised:

Or alternatively, you could always keep an eye on the Careers Service “What’s New?” page where we advertised this Fellowship directly to you last week…