Breaking Into The BBC

If you’re looking at Media City and wondering if you’ll ever get the chance to work there, the BBC are offering the chance to be part of the pool of people they draw on to be runners (in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham or London) and production assistants (Bristol or London only).

This is an entry level scheme, with no promise of a permanent job (or even a temporary contract) but if you are offered a contract when you’re in the pool, you do get paid, so it’s a step up from the unpaid work experience that a lot of the media relies on.

Although the scheme starts officially in March, the Beeb has e-mailed us to say “For those currently in education, entry into the pool can be deferred until after graduation.”

They’re looking for a wide range of people who can connect with any of the many and varied communities the BBC serves: “We’re also keen to hear from people with a real understanding – or direct experience – of the issues facing the diverse communities which make up the UK. We want our production teams to reflect the many backgrounds and life experiences of the people who make up our audience.”

Closing date is 31st of January. For further info, go to the BBC Vision Intake Pool 2010 website or click on the image below for a pdf of their e-mail flyer.

As they say on the National Lottery show (on the BBC, naturally) – you’ve got to be “In It To Win It”.