Bank of England PhD Internships

If making cups of tea for Sue Barker and the “Question of Sport” team isn’t quite what you were aiming for (see previous blog post), how about an internship at the heart of the UK financial system instead?

Based in London, these are two or three month projects of real value to the Bank of England, as part of their annual PhD internship scheme. I was going to try and give you examples, but as I’m not a PhD economist, frankly, I couldn’t make head nor tail of most of them, so you’ll need to look at the profiles on their website for more details!

Suffice to say I think you need to be an economist to stand any sort of a chance. In particular, they’re keen on the following specialisms:

  • monetary economics
  • open-economy macroeconomics and international finance
  • applied econometrics
  • macrofinance and asset pricing
  • financial economics, including banking theory/regulation and credit risk modelling
  • economics of payment systems and networks

They also have lots of “interesting datasets” which you can get your hands on. This also means, of course, that you have to go through security clearance (and immigration clearance – but they do genuinely seem to welcome international applicants).

If you’re within two years of submitting your PhD thesis, you can find all the details on the Bank Of England PhD Internship website. Closing date is 5pm, Friday 22nd January.