Inspiration for Science Careers

There can’t be any scientists in the UK who haven’t heard of the magazine, New Scientist. (No? You’re kidding, right? Hmm, you need to get out of the lab more.)

You’ve no doubt browsed through the back pages at all the job ads, but there’s also a lot of careers info targeted exclusively at science students (postgrads and undergrads) available on-line. The New Scientist Studentzone has recently been relaunched but I hesitate to recommend it to you – it’s really far too distracting. All under the guise of “career research”, I’ve already been sucked into reading

  • career profiles of Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell and comedian and mathematical physics graduate, Dara O’Briain (under “Real Lives”)
  • the move to green chemistry (under “Career Inspiration”)
  • how to break into forensics (under “Your Dream Job”)
  • being happy in Scandinavia (under “Working Abroad”)
  • an article on scientific CVs – although I take issue with the advice from one expert not to “focus too much on scientific detail” (like one of the commenters, I agree that although soft skills are important, you do need the hard scientific skills covered first if you’re applying for a science job). I do, however, agree with the careers adviser quoted as saying “Create a section called ‘research interests’ so you can elaborate on the scientific content of any research and experiments you have done” – which is a good job as he works just down the corridor from me…

There’s just too much interesting stuff to help you plan out the rest of your life, so, if you want to get your research done, or your coursework completed, DO NOT CLICK HERE


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