Interviews Talk Now On-Line

If you missed the Interviews talks I did last week for Masters and PhDs, they’re now available here and on the On-Line Talks page on this blog. They’re also on the postgrad pages of the Careers Service website.

It’s quite a long slidecast but you can take it in bite sized chunks and skip or go back to slides of interest and the audio should follow. One warning though – when you first view it, it takes a little while to buffer all the audio, so you won’t immediately be able to skip to the later slides. Should only take a few minutes to load it all up though (depending on your internet connection).

Just to tempt you, within the slidecast are hints on talking about salary (see slide 14, “Your Questions”), my views on the oft quoted “fact” that “70% of communication is through body language” (see slide 15, “Presentation” – you’ve probably already sussed out my view…) and recognising and talking about your natural talents (see slide 9, “Forensic Interviewing”).

Right, only got Assessment Centres to do now (aiming for early next week for recording and editing).