FindAPhD Mug Shot

So, did anyone else get one?


Thanks to Andy from for the freebie – and for producing a useful web resource which I do recommend frequently.

Their website is especially comprehensive for biological and chemical sciences but also has lots of opportunities for other subjects.

However, the one area which is less well represented is humanities PhDs, so I challenged Andy about this. He pointed out that for most humanities PhDs, you have to come up with your own proposal – so there are far fewer pre-defined PhD projects to advertise. Obvious really, if I’d only engaged my brain before asking.


3 comments on “FindAPhD Mug Shot

  1. Glad you liked the mug – I see your already putting the ‘something strong’ box to good use. Just wanted to point out that FindAPhD is strong in all areas of the sciences. Our coverage of the humanities is growing all the time and we now feature PhD programmes from well over 100 Art’s Humanities and Social Sciences departments and research schools. FindAMasters has no subject bias and covers the lot.

    • Hi Andy

      Actually it was Sam’s mug … and it was 9.15 this morning!

      Didn’t mean to “damn your site with faint praise” – it’s great to see how the site has expanded over the years to encompass a wide range of subjects.


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